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Define Your Brand

A full-day workshop created for entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace a new era in marketing.


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Ready for a mind-blowing, eye-opening, shaking-in-a-good-way experience?

Change the way you see your business and build your your dream customer base. This down-to-earth brand workshop will turn branding mumbo jumbo into manageable, memorable, and meaningful knowledge you will apply to the work you do right away.

Workshop highlights.

or brand?

There are two ways to run your business. Decide how you want to run yours, and all business decisions will become clearer.

A new era.
A new approach.

Apply a modern branding approach to your business that has been scientifically proven to enhance your customer’s experience.

What are you
really selling?

Unleash your potential by connecting with your consumers on a deeper level and gain their brand loyalty and advocacy.

Walk away with
DIY steps.

Walk away with a simple, do-it-yourself workbook and resources that will help you to develop your brand attributes.

Why this workshop.

Ever notice that some businesses soar, while others stay in survival mode? Why is that?

We’d say it’s their brand strategy.
A brand is not your logo. A brand is not your identity. A brand is not a product.

Your brand lives in the hearts and minds of your customer. We encourage you to define your brand and not leave it up to chance – in hopes that your customer “get’s you”.

This workshop is all about examining what your current brand is and what you want it to be. No matter what stage of business you are in, this workshop will empower you to see your business in a new light, and prepare you to start making business decisions based on your brand strategy.

This workshop focuses on:


How to attract customers who will fall in love with your company, giving you repeat business and referrals.


How to lower the amount of competitors you have by differentiating yourself. You will learn to see your competitors differently as well.


How to grow, prosper and fuel your brand by charging a premium that people are willing to pay.


Understanding that today’s definition and process of branding has once again changed – for the better.

Your brand is waiting
to be discovered.

Meet Shanna Dennis

Brand Strategist for Enticity – A Strategic Brand Agency

Hello everyone!
I have worked with business owners and marketing directors since 2001. As a trained graphic designer, I value the importance of a professional and consistent brand identity design.

Over the years, I have seen many companies succeed and many fail (sadly). They all had a great visual brand identity. So why did some succeed and some fail?

Because brand identity alone is not enough for success. To really succeed, you need a sound brand strategy.

Professional design without the foundation of a brand strategy is sure to set consumer expectations higher than the actual experience can deliver. This is the simplest and most common reason I have seen businesses fail over the last 15 years.

My passion for learning and sharing what I know about branding feeds off my desire to see all my clients succeed.

Join me for a fun, insightful workshop that will reward you both intellectually and financially. I will share up-to-date brand insights that will equip you to see your customers, your competitors and your own business in brand new (and exciting!) ways.


Shanna and her husband James Dennis own a Brand Agency named Enticity. They are an award-winning design agency at the root, who are driven to design with purpose and meaning. Everything they create stems from the core brand attributes they help capture during their Define Before Design® process. Behind every great design, lies an even better story.


"Not only does Shanna have invaluable insight on what it takes to become a great brand, but she's an excellent communicator and passionate to share her knowledge with others. The knowledge gained from her refined our brand and took our business to the next level."

Richard James, Owner
FlyPress Films



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Farms & Forks

"Shanna was a huge asset to our business. She honed in quickly on what really mattered to our customers and helped us shape a winning strategy for differentiating our business from the pack. She's a brilliant marketer."

Michael Berstein, Co-Owner
Farms & Forks


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KS Circuits

"As a startup business, I understand the challenges we face. Shanna taught me the importance of creating a brand strategy early on in the game. I am confident we owe a great deal of our success this past year to our brand strategy. Knowing who we are and how we can make a difference has served us well!"

Kajen Selva, Owner
KS Circuits


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Barrie FHT

"Shanna's work has been instrumental in successfully positioning the BCFHT with the MOHLTC and other key stakeholders in the province in healthcare. Currently BCFHT is recognized as a leader in healthcare innovation and Shanna and her team deserve to be recognized for the important role they played in this."

Michael Feraday, Executive Director
Barrie and Community Health Team


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Ruff Haus

"From day one Shanna and her team has been our go-to for branding, graphic design and marketing needs. Shanna took the time to really understand our business and had a huge part in helping to make our start-up business a success."

Kim Moffitt, Owner
Ruff Haus


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A full-day workshop created for entrepreneurs who are ready to embrace a new era in marketing.


Sponsored By:


We currently do not have a date booked.